Destiny2 Beta Ps4 – Exp Ops

Experience/Opinions – Not quite a review. Not quite a preview. Something else.

So you’ve missed the Destiny2 beta, or your so hyped for the game that your literally trawling the internet for anything remotely related to it (you poor lost soul, go get help!). Here’s some words on what the beta was like for me.

Destiny 2 Beta Title
Press X to memories.

Encase your worried my opinion will be coloured by a biased love for Destiny, fear not. The only previous experience for me was the Destiny1 beta and demo on Ps3 & Ps4. I will admit I’m a sucker for a good trailer and the Destiny2 trailer was so good it blew away any idea this might be a simple sequel with more of the same.

It lied.

The title and Introduction music sounds very lord of the rings. Well if Destiny1 was the fellowship then that makes this the Two Towers (The best film don’t @ me) and things can only get better?

Destiny 2 Beta Class Select

Ah the class select screen… I’m already thinking of other games I could be playing….like….

Titan – Obviously I could be playing Titanfall2 instead. It’s already established online and the single player campaign is great (yep I still need to finish it, too busy playing it online).

Titanfall™ 2
Not pictured – fallen titan.

Hunter – I think we all need to finish Horizon (even those who already did) and learn how to hunt properly in robot landscapes. Even the dlc looks amazing.

Horizon Zero Dawn™
Shadow of Robot Huntress

Warlock – hmm I could be playing Warhammer Vermintide (Xermintide?) and play a real fps battle mage. Oh wait… it needs updating. I still have it on Steam I suppose.

Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide
Apparently you can’t play this on PS4 without an update… at all, you can’t get past the title screen. Little worrying about the future of PS4 titles. Even on disc. A bit like Destiny! 😀

All 3 flavours of daft punk cosplay aside, I jumped in as a warlock, as I remember the first one having the more interesting skills.

The cut-scenes are very “epic” although manufactured epic. In the way Elysium was a great sci-fi but no means “the next Star Wars”. Robot borderlands style character seems to be the only personality in this so far. Everyone else seems to have been hired from radio 4 shipping forecasts.

A better film than you expected it to be

It probably doesn’t help I’m stepping in to a sequel without reading the books, website, comics, cereal box, these are words of gibberish that make no sense. Glad the quips explain whats going on. Spaceships are landing… shooting.. dramatic music so obviously bad. Sometime soon I can shoot things. So far it Feels like an mmorpg intro, I half expect a massive shadow demon to appear.

Blizzard aren’t the only ones who make amazing Trailers, you need to go watch the Warhammer online cinematic trailer.

Oh the ball is still in it. The ship is making a logo over it, another reference lost on newbies. I guess that means this is now sports direct as well.

More lotr music. More horse master than end of days. They are going to mordor anyways. Wonder if Shadows of Mordor will be any good.

Wow the robot that follows you now has custom paintwork and is sassy. Why is it sassy? Has it taken my voice?

Destiny 2 Beta
The companion has gone all Roman

More loading. I miss Namco loading games, this feels like it should have space invaders. Downloading took ages but all betas do so can’t quibble there.

Ah my gun! Finally! Oh and a lot of fire? Wow that’s a lot of bloom. Lots of firey bloom.

Destiny 2 Beta
Bloomin great

Yep as soon as you gain control of your character you can jump off the rails and die at the start. 9/10

Yep this is Destiny alright. Same clunky inventory management, guns with numbers, gears of war monsters and not enough Doom.

Destiny 2 Beta
When the lights go out it feels a little Doom3 but not as fun.

In all seriousness same old Destiny but more of it. Classic MMO in a shooty wrapper. Beta is worth a go, it helps the devs and gives you a chance to demo it. Same old song and dance emote.

Destiny 2 Beta
Why yes Sir, I can boogie. Boogie, woogie, All night long.


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