How ethical Video-games Media have become the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

So I’ve had this thought for a while and the more time passes, the more it dawns on me how true this is. Obviously we’re talking mighty morphin here not space time ninja cop turbo ranger (although that’s only because my knowledge of those series is nil).


To be a VG Journalist you have to maintain the balance between what’s right for the public and what’s right for the industry, a delicate balance of good and evil the rangers inact by defeating monsters but never killing the source of them or doubting the ethics of the giant floating head in a tube.

The lightning bolt that turns on Health and Safety warnings everywhere

You even have the roles based on colours.

Preview for Arrow Season 6

The pink ranger, essentially a moral officer for the team, always energising the team and keeping them going even in dire times. The bouncy happy YouTuber who will still make positive wii game and minecraft videos regardless of current affairs.

King Neptune to the rescue!

The blue ranger, the tech genius of the team and general deus ex machina creator for many story lines. Tirelessly working through graphics drivers and data to figure out how best to run your games at 60fps and beyond, while also dealing with mocking for their brilliance. The digital foundry of the team.

Sabertooth tiger!

The Yellow ranger, injuring herself in the line of duty (google it) and only second to Blue in intellect. The clever, badass that continues to raise the quality of everything she’s involved in. Multi-tasking a little of everything and anything at such a high quality easily able to ace a patreon.

I need to Axe you a question!

The Black ranger, best friends with Green and the general powerhouse of the team. Creating their own fighting style to adapt to the industry (hip hop kido, yep I forgot about that to) covering tournaments, events and big fighting releases. The only ranger sensible enough to call it quits before the franchise becomes tired. The EVO and fighting game champion.

“Just once I would like to not have to go SEYYAAAT”

The Red ranger, the leader of the rangers and general do gooder. Not above reproach and just as reliant on the rangers to help guide them. They are the editors, the managers and general top of the chain. They stand ready to unite the Zords when the time is right to turn into the badass giant robot we all wanted.

YES! I got my own fighting music back again!

The Green ranger, the outcast, the wildcard and unknown. Tapping into evil energy (publishers and sources) to get the power to do right for the people of Angel Grove. They are tirelessly learning how to become the white tiger ranger and are just so good they deserve their own movie. Also has the best Zord. The freelancer of information and everything going.

Not that one

The publishers are clearly the Lord Zed/Rita Repulsa using any tactic to get more of the innocent Angel Grove residents to pay more to their godlike status. Never happy with some of the power and the golden monkey worshipping their every move, only ever happy with all of the power and happy to risk it all for a chance at it (typically when their underlings are telling them it’s a bad idea).

Curse those meddling teenagers with attitude!

So in closing what does that make me? One of the normies working in Angel Grove and grumbling when traffic jams are caused by giant monster fights probably.

Yes the comic series is a thing, yes there is a Justice League Vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers spin off and yes it is AWESOME!

Go go Power Rangers!


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