It’s ‘Boss day’ – The best bosses

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So it’s boss day today, and I bet you didn’t even know! Shame on you! Still to make you feel better, I have graciously provided you with words on the best bosses in videogames. Now if you could just go ahead and work on Saturday, that would be great.

Bowser – leader for the downtrodden


He’s long been the villain of the peice but look deeper and Bowser is the working gombas hero. When he gets power he uses it, builds a fortress and helps populate his new land with his friends.

The fact that he’s always a well balanced foo for using mostly the skills you’ve learnt playing through the levels shows a mentality that wants you to succeed. All in all it just makes him that much more perfect for a boss of the Mushroom Kingdom. Oh except for the megalomania, maybe get his kids to dial it down and have a democracy in future Bowser mate?

Mid-boss – technically a boss of nothing but his name.

Yeah well I name you ‘Bratty Protagonist’

So good he’s dubbed such early in Disgaea. Not only is he *redacted comments to remove spoilers* but he *no seriously Disgaea is a gem for its story* and when he turns up it’s just *… well? If you’ve played it you know what I mean, if not.. do yourself a favour. The games on almost everything now, go play it!*

Leopaldan – BRING ME MONEY!


Part dog, part destroyer of souls. 2D fighters have a long history of money eating cheating bosses from the days of the arcade. It is no exception. Designed for 4 players of skill and not one with the hand to eye coordination of a drunken gibbon. It’s about as intuitive as learning machine code from the back of a deodorant bottle.

Father Gascoigne – music boss

Father Gascoigne.jpg
“Always more of a Bewitched fan myself”

“How is he a boss?”, I hear you cry in the comments. Well gentle reader a boss’s role is to get the very best from their workforce and address any issues they may have. Now think back to when you fought him. Didn’t you struggle but in a fair challenge sort of way? Didn’t you harness and perfect your agility avoiding his attacks and find you were better overal as a result? Besides, if you still weren’t happy with him be sure to tell him so in the dream, like I did, by accident, with a sword…

…”That’s for finding out about the music box afterwards damn it!”

Zelda – Nobody’s damsel in distress

Well excuuuuse me princess!

The citizens of Hyrule hold her in such high regard when she gets in trouble the entire area falls apart. Quick witted and sharp, she makes for the perfect boss. Also when you think back to the days where link saves the day, it’s typically Zelda that shows him how to defeat Ganon in the end. A working relationship to better the land.

The Boss – the best boss

Hands up if you hear the music when you see this *raises both hands*

Have you seen the final scene from Metal Gear Solid 3? That is when videogames become art. She creates the moment of pure staggering brilliance that’s still as powerful today as it always was. Strong, feminine and not in a breathing through her skin kind of way. Also she’s tough as a reinforced nuclear bunker full of nettles and absinthe (in a good way).


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