Classic mini remakes that would be amazing

So the SNES mini classic has become a darling for me. Seems a few of you managed to get one for Christmas to and found the joy the little box can bring. It’s a little something that you can fire up for a few mins of retro gaming that’s just absolutely brilliant. The NES classic is a thing of course, as is the Spectrums Vega and with rumours of a Gameboy classic on its way here’s some others that need making.

Now Great Pocket Colours – “Still as good as a Gameboy Color”

Not even half the collection!

A New Neo Geo Pocket Color for 2018! I’ve amassed quite a collection of ngpc games and let me tell you now, there are some absolute belters in there. Largely 2D fighters and arcade classics that really shouldn’t have ported as well as they did the system should have rivalled the Gameboy easily. Still never mind the history there are also some truly unique ones like a submarine action game and gun based Zelda like RPG. Make it backlit, add in a decent battery, software emulate the link cable to be Bluetooth, keep the amazing micro-switch stick and the system Easter eggs. Perfect, I’ll have mine in Camo-blue or Silver to go.

StradAm6 – “The British Connection”

Amstrad 3.jpg
Always needing repairs of some kind…

The Amstrad CPC 6128, skipping the 464 and simply going to the best model (obvious it’s my opinion). Ok so this is becoming a bit of a wish list for me and I know most people prefer the Spectrum but they got a lovely remade rubbery key bluetooth fantastical re-release already. Also the Spectrum is much easier to source new bits for with the Amstrad being a nightmarish beast to repair, largely the cheaper parts it was built with originally don’t help. Then again most people prefer Mortal Kombat on the Mega Drive to the SNES. So a new StradAm (starting with 6 because it sounds cooler); A simple keyboard and dongle for the monitor/tv and speaker inside lovely. Plenty of amazing games and it would have to make the disc/tape reading noise as it loads.

iPhn – “the original brick”

Seems huge now but this phone is still impressively slim! – I had a HTC Tattoo hence the stock Iphone image, sorry!

Remember when the app store launched? Before the days of microtransactions and ruined dreams of many indie devs. The original soap bar was a gem for quirky games and plenty of big name devs jumped on-board and still do! Remember Street Fighter 4 getting a pretty impressive port? Granted that was the 4th generation but that’s the point. Now’s the time to go back to that first release and make a swanky new iPhone but in the classic black and silver soap case? You could fit an extra motherboard in the space that case would allow and refine the resolution in the size of the screen.

The B-Tone – “beep boop”

Thank god for google! Our machine is likely buried under mountains of junk in storage!

The Binatone was my pong machine (well it was my mums but hey ho), One of many pong tv systems of it’s time but the colours of bright orange and black and the fact the machine still can work is perfect for a reboot. Make it a small credit card like device which is your paddle and bluetooth the video/audio to any tv with the slightest ability for it and voila. Add in local multiplayer if a friend has one and a price point of £5 and you’ve a perfect nostalgic stocking filler for Christmas!

Dreamcast 2 – “Up to 6 billion players”

Ah you blue beast!

Seems odd this hasn’t already happened. Make a small dreamcast that’s the size of a portable CD player (making sure it has a headphone socket and AA battery slot as well). Find a way to have the memory card screen on the front display and include the little tamagochi style mini games. Include some of the games that were VGA compatible and give it wifi connectivity. Bam! Instant success! You’ve a nostalgia hit for a portable cd player, a market for dreamcast classics largely ignored (or ruined) in HD releases and a new way to brandish old IPs.

The Combo – “Welcome To The Next Level”

Sonic Mania_20170830205708
slight spoilers….

32X/CD/Megadrive Combo all in one neet little package. Release a new machine that fuses…. oh wait it’s already done. Amazing..

There is one omission from this list I’d love to see. The best news ever made would be a Sega Saturn “mini” aka just a Sega Saturn with HDMI out and all of the games running perfectly on a disc drive that wasn’t doomed to die. Still I’d best not say that too loudly or it’ll happen, be overpriced rubbish and crush the dream. So it gets a whispered mention instead for “reasons”.

What’s your favourite console you’d love to see “mini”fied?

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