Games that would be improved by adding Attack on Titan

The Attack on Titan anime is amazing, I think we can all agree that’s the case. It continued to win awards years after the first season released and the second season (although technically more like the 4th) has proven that the series has legs to carry its shambling disfigured strange manga through into the limelight enough to make 2 live action movies and even an anime film covering the events of the season.

A_O_T_ Wings of Freedom_20160827210039.jpg
This moment alone is worth every second of the anime series

There have been a few licensed AOT games and they very in quality from the absolute trash 3Ds Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains to the phenomenal Attack on Titan – Wings of Freedom. All games seem to have a different idea of how much of a threat a titan seriously poses the player but Wings of Freedom really showed what the Omni-directional mobility gear the soldiers use in the series can do. With Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom 2 around the corner and the hype building for what looks to be an amazing release, let’s have a bit of fun looking at what other games could benefit from a bit more Attack on Titan in the mix!

A_O_T_ Wings of Freedom_20160827220013.jpg
Nothing like slaying Titans to finish of the perfect picnic

Mario 64

It’s a me! MARIOOOOOOOO *Shlink*

Would Bowser be a titan? You could shift the game’s story to match Galaxy and have him grow to enormous levels that only ODM gear could scale. Still given Marios ability to fall miles and simply slide to avoid taking any damage he would fit the ODM gear like a new pair of gloves. Add it to ? blocks to make that race against being eaten even more challenging. It would make for a better ending where instead of Mario saving the day the Titan Bowser falls and we see Peach donning the ODM gear standing tall, “I’ve baked a cake”

Grand Theft Auto 4

Hey Niko, it’s your brother Roman! Titans are attacking my Garage again! Come help! Oh and afterwards we’ll go bowling and maybe go hook up with some strippers!

Free roaming and swinging around a city go hand in hand, as every good Spiderman game proves. Add to that sharp blades and Niko Bellic’s disregard to human life when money is on the line and you could easily add Saints Row style missions. The titans are both a monstrous unstoppable force that are busy trying to eat as many citizens as possible but also employed by the mafioso bosses to run protection on jobs around the city. Better yet, add it as an episode in the same vein as The Lost and Damned/Ballad of Gay Tony and you’ve another excuse to re-release GTA4!


Easier to beat than a Prinny any day!

I’m surprised there isn’t a turn based SRPG based on Attack on Titan yet. It would fit really nicely in a surprising way. Consider this; Super Hot is more of a puzzle game than a straight shooting action title and there are other titles that mix genres to huge success. It’s not even that bizarre to consider taking an action anime series and making an SRPG (Strategy RPG) from the details. There was a series of Naruto SRPGs for the Gameboy Advance that had a very simple SRPG system wrapped in a nice anime finish. Take the Disgaea system of turn based combat, add in the ODM gear and a few very powerful titan enemies that take multiple hits to take down. You’ve a very unique strategy RPG on your hands. If you thrown in Laharl & Edna as DLC again I’m sure everyone would buy it.

Assassins Creed Syndicate

Assasins Creed.jpg
Come on down, to London Town…

I’d say this would fit Syndicate’s setup more than any other Assassins Creed. The London town of yonder does almost have the same style of brickwork and walls of the AOT series that the ODM (Omni-directional mobility) gear seems to easily latch in and out of without causing major structural damage. Given Jacob’s lustre for violence and Evie’s cool head and plan for action they could easily swap out for Eren and Mikasa. It would even fit nicely to have Jacob make himself useful and turn into a massive hulking monster rather than an annoying thug.



Shotgun blast some demon-spawn then fire off your ODM gear into the wall, swing around and blast the unsuspecting monster eyeball looking where you were. This would just fit nicely from a VR perspective. You can’t move freely so fire off your ODM gear, swing and blast. Titans fit into the Doom lore without too much elbow grease, although given the lack of need for a story in Doom this is unlikely to be questioned anyway. Granted you might gain a new-found heightened sense of motion sickness but you’ll be too busy deciding if you want to punch the monsters or slice them with swords to care.

Jet Set Radio

He’s a sweet soul brother

All around the town Titan’s have messed up your tags! Get out there and teach them a lesson. Almost like the chibi school spin-off of AOT, this Jet Set Radio X Attack on Titan spin off would be a mix of fresh beats, new tricks and a lot of colour, well a lot of red anyway. Put Hiroyuki Sawano and Hideki Naganuma in a room together and get them to create grandiose amazingly epic sounding tracks that hard drop into scratching beatmix. All the while your cell shaded punk on blades blasts around the town saving it from giant fleshy chunks of Titan. Jet Set Radioooooooooooooooooooo WE ARE THE HUNTERS!


A_O_T_ Wings of Freedom_20160826204035.jpg
Or just wait for Attack on Titan – Wings Of Freedom 2 I guess?

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