Games to play instead of reviewing Metal Gear Survive

Disclaimer A review for Metal Gear Survive is in the works but it’s such hard going when you previously enjoyed Metal Gear Solid titles that I thought I’d pop a few thoughts out there for you to read. If your curious why I’m taking this stance check out my Beta experience opinion.


Wario Ware.png

Quick thinking, fast reactions and able to analyse and react to any situation, that’s what you need in Metal Gear but it’s also the same for WarioWare. There’s a new Wario Ware game in the works! We’re all hopeful it’s better than Mario Party: The Top 100 but the previous games are still amazing. You can easily get the original for GBA, the remake for the Gamecube, the slightly simpler one on DS or the fantastic Wii game.

Heat Signature

Sovereign spaceship? Obviously not a reaper then…

The game that looks like Hotline Miami but plays like a turn based action RPG. Cracking rogue-like that reminds me of how good a stealth game can be without having to force you to spend hours watching soldier movements to screw it up. The fact it all ties in with your friends missions and scores and the opportunity to save their character is a nice touch. It’s really deep to and highly worth checking out.

Jet Set Radio


Because if in doubt play Jet Set Radio.

Lego Dimensions

LEGO® DIMENSIONS™_20161028183919.jpg
This entire page is doing everything it can to do just that!

If your itching for a collectathon to chill out and play while destroying everything in sight you could do a lot worse. The interactive aspect (you regularly have to build the pieces to) and the amount of content with the base game is incredibly good value for money. The fact the humour is superbly on point and subtle in places is just the icing on the cake. Perfect for a distraction from another game/task that you might be putting off. That and the base game and set is now dirt cheap for the amount of goodies so you’ve no excuse!

Vampire the Masquerade – Bloodlines

gog vampire.jpg
Image from GOG’s store page – seriously the best version you can buy of this

With Vampyr around the corner and frankly looking amazing, why not dip into a timeless classic. Sure it’s rough around the edges graphically and sure it’s a pain in the ass to get working on a modern pc. Still unlike some games your avoiding this one is so good at its core that you can overlook the roughness and simply enjoy the freedom and flexibility it offers. Think original Deus Ex but a lot more kinky and less serious.

Not a Hero

NOT A HERO_20170211160640.jpg
You know it!

Similar to Hotline Miami in its speed and need for quick responses and action. A perfect fit for the alarm bells in Metal Gear and a devious fun game to boot. The perfect level of cheese to violence is just the melted cheese in this video game tasty sandwich, it blends pixel brutality with a self-awareness most games lack (or try too hard to emulate). Highly worth that one more go that destroys any planned works.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva X

Hatsune Miku_ Project DIVA X_20160920201504.jpg
*looks at broken controller* “………no”

For the true Metal Gear Survival experience you need to train your mind and body to accept punishment as a positive thing, this game is the perfect one to break you into that routine. Challenging, fun and just that little bit too addictive. Good luck getting some of those tracks out of your head anytime soon.

Metal Gear Solid 1,2,3,4,5,Acid, Acid2, Portable Ops, Peace Walker, Revengeance, etc


Just go back and play any of the other Metal Gear Solid games. Even the earlier Metal Gear titles (especially the MSX2 version) are fun to play. Just slip into some Bond themed espionage action and wait for the inevitable.

Disclaimer2 A review for Metal Gear Survive is in the works but I’d rather write this and play The above list/Minecraft/Animal Crossing/Doom (again)/Torment: Tides of Numenera/Naruto Storm Trilogy/Bloodborne/Ratchet & Clank////////////…..FINE..

review for Metal Gear Survive coming SOON


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