Characters that are most likely to be added to MK11 as DLC

Doesn’t MK11 look amazing so far? It was something else to see the clips from recent events showing people crazy excited for a sequel and incredibly refreshing to see something completely different for the systems in place with attack and defence focused bars. The roster is pretty small at the moment but we all know NetherRealm love adding in extras as DLC down the line so I’ve dived into the rumor mill, swept off the trash and have a list that’s as visceral, bloody and brilliantly ridiculous as the game itself.

 The vengeful ghost of Sadako – The original Ring Movie

Ringu joins the fight.jpg
I watched that video about 6 days ago, yeah. Why do you ask?

It seems peculiar we’ve not seen this horror trope turn up in more video games. It could be the movie tie-in causing a licence issue but we’re starting to see more crossover events allowing Xenomorphs, Predators and even Freddy and Jason popping up in Mortal Kombat titles of yonder. Add in this monstrous Japanese horror into MK11 and you’ve something new and unsettling that would fit in nicely to the franchise. You’ve even potential for the victory animation having her break the tradition of a slow-mo image with it starting of slow, glitching the screen and quickly jumping at the camera before slowing. She’s coming to get you…

Enclave Soldier – Fallout 2

Beefy power armor and xenophobic hatred for anything that isn’t part of the doctrine, the non-named Enclave soldier from the start of Fallout2 would fit nicely into MK11. Slow hulking moves and a Fatal Blow move of picking up a minigun from nowhere and riddling the opponent with bullets. The potential to even add in some terrible cliché between fights and every X-ray move against him showing a small scrawny human inside the armour breaking apart. It just works, “Welcome to America” BOOSH

Big Daddy – Bioshock

big daddy fatality.jpg
Damn, should have used the bees more.

I’m surprised we’ve not seen this before. Previously MK X added in slower larger fighters that would require either clever zoning or well-timed throw moves to combo into. Using those as a base you could create a hulking beast character with the added bonus of a drill for an arm. Perhaps using the Ferra & Torr from MK X as a base and working in a little sister to harvest blood instead of ADAM from opponents. This would even be cost cutting as there’s no need for dialogue more than, “BWWAAHHHGHHHHH” and the spinning of the drill.

Sonic The Hedgehog – Live action movie version 2019

Perhaps this is why all the leaked images for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie have him showing with strange limbs that are almost too human-like? The design team behind the film are finally making Sonic big enough to fight fairly with humans. Gotta go fast! His Saturday morning cartoon dialogue will fit nicely in with MK’s brilliantly cheesy story. Even adding him in as a special character to save the day of the humans in the story, only turning up at the very end before the final battle to help in a token fashion before disappearing again. His fatality would write itself: He runs towards the dazed opponent, spins through them, the camera panning down to the hole and shows him simply standing shrugging, “Not fast enough” Furry horror Sonic then runs off leaving a red cloud where he was standing that somehow wags its finger.

Batman – Batman Vs Superman edition

batman vs
Why did I ever agree to this movie deal in the first place?

Injustice had MK characters peppered in for both releases so it would be nice to have it come back the other way around. We get more of a grittier Batman throwing batarangs through people and being in no rush to curb his “I don’t kill people” rule that over the years has definitely become, “I don’t kill some people”. Make this version of Bats from the Batman Vs Superman film for not only the added moody Bats that we already know is likely to kill a few people dishing out justice but also the additional treat of seeing the character smashing an opponents skull in screaming, “MARTHAAA!”

Kevin Bacon – Every previous role

Not only turning up in the advertising campaign for MK11 NetherRealm will have him reprise his role from Hollow Man for moments where he can turn invisible, Footloose for dancing combos and T-Mobile adverts for absolute horror. His fatality would be knocking an opponent into a seated position, rolling a TV in-front of them and putting Tremors on in its entirety.

Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2

SUPER BOMBERMAN R_20180616150734
Nawww he’s so misunderstood and adorable…

I think I’ve come to terms with the most horrific aspect of Silent Hill 2 being pimped out to everything Konami can. From slot machines to Bomberman there doesn’t seem to be any franchise this character can’t be shoehorned into but it’s about time he had a return to form. A reminder of why he was so terrifying in Silent Hill 2 in the first place. Less obvious brutality and gore akin to the Silent Hill movie and more unsettling relentless foreboding of a part of your persona that just won’t stop trying to murder you. Another obvious fatality as well where he slams the sword into the ground and then grabs the opponent, splitting them in half Jaxx style only to have sex with the remains.

Ryu – Street Fighter EX 3

Adding in his muscle to a fighter full of exaggerated pecks would work nicely. It would finally start to pave a path to the MK Vs Street Fighter crossover that everyone’s talked about since the SNES years. A return to the VS series in part and the mixing of two completely different series can work brilliantly, just look no further than Akuma guest starring in Tekken7. Ample opportunity for Ryu to Shin Shoryuken (Super Dragon Punch) through someone’s skull and even a little more back story for Evil Ryu!

Bayonetta – Smash

Given the fact that (so far) MK11 seems more tasteful and less page 3 in tone why not throw in a character who uses her sexuality in a way that would fly in the face of what MK previously was? Give her the move-set from Smash and she’ll be quick and nimble chipping away damage in light quick hits. Her character fits nicely into the story, clearly already aware of Earths fight to remain free from mythical forces. Blowing holes out of opponents with 4 guns at once is just an added bonus!

Grumpy Gardener – Untitled Goose Game

brutal goose.jpg
Now where’d I leave that frozen skull?

Obviously I’m taking liberties by naming the chap. He’s perfectly mild-mannered and simple demeanour changes for the worst after the goose steals his hat. Now he’s out for revenge, planting carrots in people, raking in the pain and dealing out knuckle sandwiches. A fatality where his opponent falls down, he straightens his hat and walks away only to have the goose flying in to finish the job.

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