Who is the 6th block in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle?

It feels like only yesterday we were happily discussing who was being added to BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle as the fifth block (You can check out that over here) Now we know it’s Arcana Heart and there will be a few more familiar fighters from BlazBlue, Persona and Under. It’s time to dust off that concept list and figure out what we can be expecting to see in the future! The wheel of fate is turning, Rebel one! Can’t escape from crossing fate!

Yakitate!! Japan

An actual moment in the series. Zero Photoshop.

“It’s done”, Asuma says as the oven pings and he takes out a freshly baked Japan, his opponent a bloodied mess on the floor. What better way to remind people of the greatest anime series of all time (it’s a competition anime about baking bread) than to include the main cast and all of the bizarre reactions? Tsukino would fit right into the Tag cast if she was given a persona style system summoning Ken to do the fighting. Asuma with his solar hands of justice, Kawachi with his Afro powered iron gauntlets of victory and Subaru with his roller pin of pain. Cooking up some pain today!

Silver The Hedgehog

Sonic and friends are hunted and trapped by the RWBY gang and it’s up to Silver to save the day using his psychic powers and quick moves. Easily able to teleport and dash all over the stage, Silver fits in nicely with flashy anime like moves and slick one liners, “It’s no use” over and over again in various different languages. There’s likely already a few chapters of free story already written for this fanfic avaliable online and a few OC characters that are hybrids of all. Still it would be nice to see Bladestar Shadowmind of the Darkened Lonestar OC-Please-do-not-steal turn up and save the day at the last second and become friends with every character especially Rouge.

Doom Guy

It seems the wheels of fate really are turning!

He stands there ready for battle. The Doomslayer. He looks down with his mighty eyes as he adjusts the tiny figurines hand, fist bump and it’s GO TIME! A stage in hell and music by Mick Gordon. Grappling and shooting his way through the cast. He’s even got an amazing super where he punches the floor, rips out a BFG and blast the opponent with it. The best thing about the Doom guy being included to BBTag is that we get a Doom Eternal crossover event with the hub from Cross Tag appearing in hell as a bonus hidden unlockable level! Take that Gordeau!

Netflix Cowboy Bebop remake

What better way to win over fans who have hated the idea of a live action version of Cowboy Bebop since the idea was pitched decades ago? It would work a bit like the original RWBY team, giving room for another team in the roster. Adding Spike, Faye, Jet and Ed to the character list is given but also gives room for Vicious and various other extras. The motion capture would add a surreal original Mortal Kombat element that would obviously blend in nicely with over the top anime styling.

Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku for BBTAG.jpg

Super Sonico has already had her fighting debut and she was just a music mascot for headphones! It seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to give a 2D Miku a Mic with a stand to fight with as a weapon. Sure there’s some issues with her main character likely being very against fighting in general but there’s plenty already in the roster that fit that bill. Add into the mix the other Vocaloid gang for a Megaman-Smash-like super and you’ve a hit success! It also might nudge news of a new Project Diva game which is always a bonus. There’s already been a Hatsune Miku / Persona 4 Dancing cross over so now’s the time to throw her into the arena to!

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