Why are we doing anything when great video games exist? Iconoclasts PC Prize Draw

It has been 598 days of January and we’re finally through it. February is underway at last. A fantastic day of celebrating my existence is over and it’s all downhill from here I’m afraid. Still, on a lighter note, I’d like to take this moment to say, “Thank you for reading this” Yes I’m talking to you. ElderlyGoose.com is still a joy for me to work on each week and the stats and insights are a great reminder that this little project is still worth plugging away at. Thank you if you RT or message me about any of it, sent me a Kofi or just looked it over. It is great to still be doing this after a few years somehow still not missing a Wednesday yet. A big thank you to all the PR, Publishers and Developers who got in touch to send stuff in and a thank you again to you readers for enjoying!

What’s planned for ElderlyGoose 2020 then? You can look forward to some fantastic reviews coming to the site in the following weeks, plenty of games that are great to play and you may find that they are just perfect for you. There will be more enjoyable nonsense on the site as the numbers tell me that you crazy lovely people seem to really enjoy it. There will be the usual EXP OPS for betas/trials and you can look forward to more games, more anime, more nonsense and honking good fun.
Now on to the main event…


What’s up for grabs? How about a Steam key for Iconoclasts!
GOTY for ElderlyGoose.com back in 2018, you can read about why you shouldn’t sleep on this game in that review over here
(if you like lists check out the awards for that year and last year)

How do you enter? Well it’s simple, click the Gleam.io link below before the closing time (Friday 7th Feb 2020 at 8pm GMT) and a random winner will be drawn! Simple! Good luck and here’s to another year of honking great games!


Also a big thanks to Gary for his fantastic editing help, Alex for his crazy support and El for her voice of reason and constant support.

Thanks for any Kofi!

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