Things to do if you’re not getting a new console

A tight budget, lockdown 2 and the limited stock shuffle have lead many of us to no new consoles this week. We get to look forward to days of people opening their shiny new Xbox Series X/S or PS5, with a pre-Christmas joy that will hopefully pass quickly on social media. For those of us without a new box what do we do? We could be bitter and resentful at a world that didn’t present us with the new shiny toys or move on and find a new reason to enjoy the week. For some of us it will be business as usual, for others I’ve a few suggestions to help you through.

Fight the fear of missing out.
We all know how rough it can be seeing snippets of the new hotness all over media. Almost all of the big reviews are now live and you can easily search for more in-depth looks. If you watch enough you’ll soon start to realise that you’re probably not missing out on anything major just yet. A lot of the big wow-factor games aren’t out on launch and are due in 2021 anyway.

Online games remind you that you’re not alone.
This is a great reminder that even in lockdown there are plenty of great online games to be playing. I’ve recently found myself playing a lot of Magic The Gathering Arena, enjoying the slower pace and feeling of victory that comes from playing strategically. It’s crammed with unlockable decks simply by completing matches. You can now play amazing games such as FFXIV for free up to level 60 and even Destiny 2 is moving to free to play.

Make the most of what you have.
What better time to take stock of what you already have? Pop into your cupboards or under the bed and dig out the consoles that have remained there for years. Chances are your old Xbox or PS2 still works fine. With a huge range of affordable HDMI cables for purchase online you can now plug them into modern TVs. It’s a great time to enjoy your previous collection once again.

Or just do nothing.
Always a valid option. If you’re tired, fed up and just stressed beyond your means: Then just relax. Take the day off from social media, run a bath, soak for hours with a podcast or just get comfy on the sofa and look out of the window. Watch the world go by and carry on regardless of your lack of action. Let your mind drift away into nothing, or fire up a game like Fugl and fly away.

Save your money.
New consoles are crazy expensive at the moment and the accessories needed for them aren’t exactly cheap either. Rather than paying on finance for a gaming system, pay a smaller amount for a fancy cake instead. Take the time to do the boring spreadsheet of outgoings and see what’s going on or just open the jar of pennies and whittle away the hours. Counting out the coins until you have enough for a can of Diet Coke and a crunchie.

Unbox something else.
Post that arrives at your door (that isn’t bills or junk) is absolutely amazing and with Christmas likely to be in lockdown why not order some presents? Enjoy mysterious boxes arriving, unboxing the contents to see the shiny new stuff inside and then take all that stuff, wrap it up again and post it elsewhere. Just remember if it’s a gift not to take selfies with it on social media.

Complete old games.
We all have backlogs of games. Given how a large selling point of the next generation is how well it can run the current generation of games why not just simply play them? There’s a reason games such as Nier Automata and Gears Tactics are so well reviewed and it’s not how quickly you go from a game console’s UI to the actual fun. Given how cheap some of the best hits are going for 2nd hand it’s a great time to pick up and play any you’ve missed!

Keep playing games regardless.
Time to soldier on, have a cuppa tea, a stiff upper lip, grab your controller and play the games you already were before this week even began. Rather than looking through collections, rummaging around for new things and looking at shiny new boxes. Just pick up what you already have and carry on with them. Only halfway through Pokémon? Crack on and get that finished! After all you gotta catch’em all.

Although similar to the doing nothing option, sleep is something always worth considering. Sleeping is always an option and if you don’t feel like it, there’s always Dreams.

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