It’s nearly Christmas! Deadlines? What Deadlines?! Pass the Eggnog! – Prize Draw

Ho Ho Ho! It’s nearly that time of year again! The holiday where we can justify to ourselves all the crazy spending in the sales. Tis the season to eat and drink too much, nap at 2pm on the sofa in your PJs and just relax. Less of another day in lockdown being lazy and more a yearly tradition. Take the day off from worrying about anything other than the sofa and getting up to pee. Once again has a treat in store for you and I’m happy to announce this years prize-draw is a delight! What’s up for grabs you ask?

A code for Going Under on Steam/Pc!

An absolute blast and sadly eclipsed by Hades despite being stonking fun! Check out the PS4 review here

A little more? Ok! How about a code for Among Us as well? (Steam/PC)

Because why not have a little something extra?

Time to find out how to enter. Simply click the link to the Gleam page and be sure to share your favourite ElderlyGoose posts over the holiday season!

{Click the gleam link here because plugins are still a fickle beast:}

The prize draw will run from the Wednesday 23rd December 2020 at 10:00 AM when this went live until Wednesday the 30th December 2020 10:00 AM and the winner will be announced then. Good luck and be sure to check back on next week for the usual great #content!


Did you like what you read? Want to see more stuff like this? Did you enjoy the fact there were no adverts for your adblocker to deal with? Maybe consider buying your old pal ElderlyGoose a Kofi?
Just click the link here and for £3 consider yourself sorted for one good deed done for the day!

I don’t run a Patreon because all the work I create ends up on the site in one way or another and I fund the site myself so any money does directly go to the site to fund the web hosting and such, anything left over will go on games and coffee!


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