Same Goose – New Theme

Well now, things look a bit different around here don’t they!

I hope you like the new theme! With a bit of tinkering on the main page everything now looks and functions a lot better on desktop pcs (it still looks fantastic on mobile/tablet as well) I’m still working on some new reviews for you to enjoy, some new features and a bucket of opinions.

I’ve been running the site for a few years now and this feels like the 3rd big change. This one feels a bit more significant as last year I achieved one of the sites main goals and I’ve already started on the next. Last year there were over 6338 visitors to and this blows my mind! Half of the people visiting are from America (kudos for booting out the orange) and the most popular topics were Disgaea and the Sega Saturn. There are now over 220 posts all with unique content, which is why I’ve added categories at the bottom of the main page. It’ll be a lot easier now to have a look through the biggest tags used and enjoy some classic content!

Thank you again for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy what you find!
Please excuse the short post today (it’s my birthday if you want an excuse) and enjoy exploring the new!


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