Anime worth binging on Netflix

Anime is always great to watch when you need a distraction. There are plenty of great TV series to watch but the advantage of anime is how varied and unique it can be. Just like any media there are some amazingly great titles and some that need to be avoided rather than waste any time. We’re all super busy with life at the moment so now is a good time to take a break, download a few episodes (yes the app does allow this!) and enjoy something new. Here’s some great suggestions for you, obviously spoiler free;

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – There’s a good reason the film that carries on this series is the highest-grossing film of all time in Japan. It is a little gory in places and a lot of spider themes towards the end but if you can get past this it’s incredible.
Fullmetal Alchemist – aka “Full Metal Alchemist TV” The original anime adaptation of half of the legendary manga. It does create its own 2nd half and ending but is definitely worth watching, if only for the fantastic final act and soundtrack.
Blue Exorcist – Sharing a lot of similarities to Full Metal Alchemist while still being incredibly unique throughout. It has a fantastic soundtrack and stunning moments with a really enjoyable ending.
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – There is a lot of JoJo to be had and although the first 2 seasons are slow, gory and kinda miserable you can easily jump straight into the most known series (there’s an option when you go to episodes) Stardust Crusaders starts the JoJo tradition of Stands and if you skipped the first 2 seasons showing the past of the series you won’t miss anything the series doesn’t cover.
One Punch Man – Although the second season wasn’t the best the first is still a knock out. If you’ve not seen it, Season 1 is an absolute blast and that’s all you’ll get on Netflix anyways.

Beastars – Netflix anime has this strange stigma for its part-CGI series being somehow inferior to traditional anime. Beastars successfully proves that the style of animation used has merit with moments that look incredible. It’s funny, powerful and gripping to the end.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica – If you’re reading this list and have never watched this series and nobody has spoilt it, I can’t recommend it enough. Taking the generic magic girl genre and flipping it inside out with possibly the most unique animation style ever made. Twistedly brilliant.
Violet Evergarden – The story is a bit slow and the characters are a little basic but overall it’s an enjoyable series. A few emotional episodes make it a great watch and there’s no denying that it’s the most stunning animation in years. You’d expect this level of detail and artistry from a film.

Kakeguri – Most people know this series from the faces the characters make. Erotically charged throughout but more than just fanservice. It’s clever, twisty and with a great set of unapologetic characters. A strange mix of Kaiji-like gambling stories and political motions.
Erased – I’m surprised how many people haven’t seen this. Thrillers about murder, abduction and a great whodunit mystery usually get a lot of popularity. This covers some difficult subjects but it handles them well and the pay off for the final episode will have you gripped.
Parasyte -The Maxim – Elfen Lied is a hard recommend these days as it’s so incredibly depressing but this feels like it follows a lot similar beats without the crushing sense of dread. There are moments of horror, thriller and supernatural themes throughout while still feeling grounded.

DoroHeDoro – Another Netflix series where the CGI style at first will put people off but once they get past that initial impression they’ll find a fantastic series. Pure horror without any real terror, brilliantly funny and the most unique series you’ll see. Absolutely brilliantly bonkers.
Devilman Crybaby – Most of the series on this post are for adults only but this is an Adults only anime with a capital A. Incredibly screwed up from start to finish but impressively emotional. The unique art style isn’t for everyone but still, it’s better than Evangelion.
Fate Zero – It’s strange to recommend something that isn’t particularly pleasant to watch (especially if you’ve already seen Fate Stay and know where this is headed) A fair amount of caveats required but worth a watch for the twists and characters that actually feel incredibly deep and fleshed out. It also has one of the greatest magic fights ever animated.

Hellsing – Aka “Ultimate Hellsing” Netflix has thrown a spanner in the works by calling this series Hellsing when technically there already was a very different series called that. Ultimate Hellsing follows the manga which remains a favourite of mine and hits every beat hard.
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – One of the greatest anime series ever made. Follows the fantastic manga throughout. It doesn’t spent too long on the material that the other anime covered without feeling like it’s skipping over anything. Top 10 in every list of anime for a good reason.
Samurai Champaloo – Often overlooked despite being directed by Shinichirō Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop) The first episode sets up the series and if you only have time for 1 episode of 1 series and nothing else this one needs to be seen. It has the best 1st episode to any series you’ll get.
Tiger & Bunny – Another series that keeps being overlooked despite being great. If you like My Hero Academia then watch this, you’ll love it. It’s like that but better.
The Promised Neverland – Essentially the reason for this post. WATCH IT. Absolutely mind blowing from start to finish. Phenomenally clever and every episode is gripping. It’s hard to describe anything without spoilers but if you watch the first episode you’ll see what I mean.

Wolverine – aka “healing jacket” hahahaha no. Just no. It’s the worst anime, not even haha bad. Yes, it’s even worse than ‘that’. Had to throw in a joke to finish.

This post was originally published on the 24th March 2021

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