Golf Peaks – PC

How many times have you had a big old bundle of games, played a few and just left it there? We all love donating to big charity bundles but I don’t think any of us have ever managed to play all 2500 games they tend to include. I still think they’re fantastic and any excuse to help a cause and get more donations is worth the clout. The reason for this little bit of waffle preamble is that Golf Peaks is a game I’ve seen pop up a few in these bundles and after finally loading it up on PC (despite it now being on, Switch, Xbox One, Android, iOS & macOS) I feel like a lot of people would enjoy the chill puzzle vibes it brings. Chances are you to already own it and just forgot! Here’s why you should dust it off and have it a swing.

For starters Golf Peaks is an incredibly relaxing puzzle game. Each level is a putting grid puzzle and you have a few cards with a set number of moves to play. That’s it. Each world introduces new mechanics from sand, ice, portals, jumps and lovely quirky ideas but what makes Golf Peaks a solid recommendation is how it doesn’t hang around on any idea too long. Golf Peaks is just that right amount of “try this, nope, ok think it through… AHA!” satisfaction. There’s no time limit, no stars to smallest moves, it’s just a case of getting the ball in the hole. A simplicity and charm that’s a welcome breath of fresh air.

Golf Peaks deserves a nod for the most calming design for a puzzle that still taxes you. Previously I’ve reviewed a few similar indie games like the fantastic Islanders (check out that review here) which have this relaxed aesthetic of pleasing graphics and pleasant sounds, Golf Peaks absolutely matches and surpasses that quality in every little detail. You can easily redo individual shots, restart a level and just try things until they work. It’s a strange sensation that elicits the same vibes Little Inferno did the first time playing. Some puzzles are incredibly simple and early on in the worlds there to introduce the mechanics. Some puzzles are incredibly challenging with red herring cards mixed in you won’t need to solve.

There’s a lot of Golf Peaks to be played with 120 puzzles across 10 worlds. Each puzzle can take between a few seconds and a few minutes. Although this is one instance where if you get stuck there’s no shame in googling a solution just to get a nudge in the right direction, typically you won’t need this. Golf Peaks encourages you to try different ideas until you eventually crack the puzzle. If you fancy relaxing and getting your mind off whatever you can’t quite shift it from, this is the perfect game for you. Check out your library as you might already own this diamond in the ruff, if not be sure to check it out and putt those troubles away.

8/10 – pocket sized perfection.

Check out Golf Peaks from the Afterburn store (links all the versions) here!


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