Anthem – PS4

I started this review back on the 23rd February 2019, it’s so old it was made in blocks (shout out to WordPress editors) and after the initial thoughts of the beta (check that here) I can safely say, nothing has changed. For kicks (and the fact I’m still recovering from a hernia operation and Multiverses is a lot more meh than expected) lets have a look at the notes I made while playing;

Wow that’s a good Monster Hunter World feeling start.

That’s a story mission opening I guess.

Back to the worlds most generic character creator.

God I wish this was just a single player action RPG.

The Javelin that’s nimble feels very Dynasty Warriors zipping around doing crowd control, tapping triangle to flash around and hoping your allies don’t run off without helping. I imagine this is super hard solo.

Story is very destiny without any of the good writers.

Shoehorned for coop focus.

Why do the guns not work?

Loading is still fuck awful.

Ok I’ve had this for free with my PC graphics card is this version any better?

Hahaha no.

This really should have been a Division feeling shooter on Series X/PS5 at launch. Instead of a messy Ironman focused live service with no direction and no fun.

1/10 – Not an Anthem you ever want to hear again


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