Music to chill to when Minecraft’s looping soundtrack starts to drive you loopy

It has been a week. Yes I’m aware it’s only half past the week but lately weeks are becoming months and weekends are becoming hours. Normally I’d tell you to go listen to some Gary Moore but that doesn’t quite match the vibe (go give this a go though) I’ve already written similar posts in the past, “The best video game soundtracks to play while exploring space, the final frontier” and “Great soundtracks to work to” but what about when you want to relax and let all the stress go? Minecraft can be a little much sometimes so pop on Microsoft Flight Sim, get into the clouds, turn the sound down and pop on something new.

The Obvious

Fun fact, when we have to care for our rabbit Peanut, he absolutely loves to watch and listen to the continuous stream of lofi music. Lofi Girl is the undisputed Queen of relaxing beats and the YouTube radio with its slowly looping and shifting animation paired with easy listening music is fantastic.

The personal classic

I’ve always loved Zero 7 and in my younger years when my main source of music was an ALBA like hi-fi system I would listen to any and all new music I could get my hands on. Zero 7 was like nothing I’d heard before and although I’ve heard people say AIR is a better band for relaxing to, I’ve always enjoyed soft melody and familiar smooth lyrics of Simple Things. From its title track to Polaris the album is always a mood lifter and great for picking yourself back up to.

If you can find a CD/Vinyl Copy

I’ve mentioned the Samurai Champloo soundtrack a few times on this site but unfortunately the collaboration between Shinji Tsuchida of Shakkazombie, Fat Jon, Nujabes and Force of Nature has become more and more difficult to listen to online these days (although I’d definitely not recommend googling them) I’d recommend listening to Departure, Masta, Impression, Playlist and the theme songs (especially Who’s Theme which is still on Spotify) at least once. It is hip-hop and the battle tracks are very lively but the majority of the albums have such a chill vibe you’ll be nodding along without even realising it.

Vibing feeling blue

Sometimes when you don’t feel like listening to anything upbeat or cheery and the rhythm and blues feels a little too much, Portishead comes in to tell you that feeling rubbish is ok. Chances are you’ve heard snippets of their music before in various TV shows and series but not even realised it. Despite only having a few albums, Third and Portishead are incredible and Dummy is the peak moody vibes that sometimes can help soothe any low feelings into a puddle of ok. PJ Harvey has plenty of Demo albums and remasters but Portishead is the Twin Peaks vibe.

The Less Obvious

I found this playlist by accident when checking on Spotify for something to listen to when recovering from surgery. This playlist is curated by Lofi Girl but unlike the YouTube radio there are a lot less melodies and breaks in the beats with most of the music being an ethereal experience. I highly recommend lying down, popping some comfy headphones on and zoning out for a few hours. It works wonders.

….and yes even I have a chillout playlist on Spotify. Enjoy


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