Just a quick page if your curious about this.

If anything is provided (be it game code or skittles) by someone for the site (rather than a typical rental I’ve paid for) then you can expect to see a link at the bottom of the review/post something like this;

code provided

This is just me being courteous to the nice people/places that send things. It doesn’t influence anything about the review or piece. Not to flex the old history muscle too much but I’ve a degree in Games Computing from years ago and know both side of the process. I’ve followed the industry as its progressed along for better and worse. As much as I appreciate people providing goods and things for review there is no obligation to write a praising review only a high quality one. People pass to for the unique quality of writing and takes not for a guarenteed praising piece. If you fancy a look at other work elsewhere I’ve written for Thumb Culture twice and felt no obligation to buff the scores for the free code and the reviews were still received well. The quality of the game should speak for itself and the review needs to reflect that.

The gist is don’t worry; If someone hands me a 1/10 for free, there will be a comment to say it was provided by them and a link to their site as thanks. It’s still going to be written appropriately and it’s still getting 1/10. The quest for the legendary 10/10 is never ending.

Oh and if anyone feels like sending me a Kofi, I take that to translate as, “kudos”.
It will go towards coffee, skittles and any other whimsy (mainly to pay for the site).