I still don’t ‘get’ Streaming and that’s ok

To me streaming has always felt like being handed a second controller that isn’t plugged in and pretending you’re controlling the enemies while someone else plays the game. Streaming as a media format is a naturally a social event and given my need to be social amounts to hanging out with friends and commenting on Twitter, this sits very much outside of my wheelhouse. Not for lack of trying mind you. I realise this is another 30+ cis white guy talking about things he doesn’t like but I thought it might make for an interesting post in the interim between reviews.

Joining in events and special shows feels like you’re all experiencing it at the same time and I can understand the benefits of a shared experience in this context. This is why people still go to shows and events together. It’s one of the reasons Eurovision is a lot more fun when watched with friends, all collectively laughing at the big chair or complaining about the sixth ballad in a row with no bass drop. I’ve watched Streams when this has been the case and these were the most fun I’ve had watching. The best have been during the E3-like publisher reveal streams where everyone guesses the title and was blown away by a surprise reveal. With Corona these make a lot more sense to me but still need an active need to want to the see the content as much as the streamers react.

Funnily enough I even used to try streaming for a bit. I was curious if it was something I could work on alongside this site and it was my secondary motivation to complete Bloodbourne (I’ve struggled relentlessly with the game and it’s still not finished) “The hour of fail” was pretty lacking in effort only showing gameplay footage streamed from the PS4 and typing in chat using a netbook I had in front of me but after a few episodes it just wasn’t for me. I always feel awkward when chatting to others and playing something single player, if we’ve visitors I’ll want to play something with them not just solo and have them watch and I think this translates to streaming.

Do I understand the appeal of Streaming in general? Sure. My partner has been streaming as Amethyst Pandora (check her Twitch here) and has been loving it. I’ve enjoyed supporting her streams, sorting out the technical side as best I can, getting a Stream Deck, helping with artwork and anyway I can. Do I watch her streams? Nope. I find it super weird knowing there’s an audience there and despite writing and creating content here for years the idea of interacting live is a struggle. Then again maybe that’s the main reason I just don’t get it. The idea of live interaction? Who knows. I do know that for whatever reason the most I use Twitch for is sharing a game of Jackbox with friends.

Streamers (and full time streamers especially) are incredible and the work it takes to pull off a successful stream is no easy task. The amount of work and charisma needed to get everything working just right always surprises me. Streaming feels like Football to me, sure I know the rules, I’ve played a game in the past at least once. It’s just not for me. What do you think? Do you enjoy Streaming or watching Streams? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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